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Power Purchase Agreements

A modern, increasingly popular method to ensure fixed power prices in the long term. A PPA is a great way to use renewable power for those who don’t have enough resources to build their own power plant.

A long-term, twenty-year contract will guarantee a fixed electricity price and allow you to cover a part of your consumption with renewably-sourced power.


How can a PPA benefit you?

A solution that reduces both your power bill and your carbon footprint.

Strengthen your ESG strategy and save power

Protect yourself from spiking prices

Secure a supply of renewably-sourced power

Choose an Onsite PPA and let us fund, install, and run a PV plant directly at your site. All you need to do is use your new green power.

An Off Site PPA will allow you to buy green electricity from the public power grid at a market price. When a spot price is higher than the price agreed in PPA, we will pay the difference. And when it is lower, you pay.


Zero-investment photovoltaics

A solution that reduces both your power bill and your carbon footprint.

Reduced carbon footprint

Actively reduce your carbon footprint with renewably-sourced electricity.

Zero investment

No need to invest your own money – leave the financial side to us.

Guaranteed power prices

Secure a long-term, fixed power price regardless of what's happening on the market.

Steady power supply

You make your own power that you can use right away, without being completely dependent on the grid.

State of the art technology

Benefit from the best technology guaranteeing steady, long-term operation.

Hassle-free operation

Stay focused on your business and leave the construction, funding, paperwork and operation to us.


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